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Shyne Studios

Whether you are building a presentation for your business, school, non-profit organization, or just for fun, we have templates that will make your content shine.

Tomb 45

Tomb 45 offers a full service of barber products.  Led by Bossio a viral influencer with over 150 k subscribers has elevated Tomb45 into a household name.  This site sells hundreds of quality products as well as offers an online barber academy.

Front Runner

FrontRunner is fresh new way of managing, tracking, and analyzing your insurance agency’s productiveness, efficiency, bonus’ and more. Check out the power of Frontrunner.

Cap God

We spent a decade on the design and development of this gallery-ready machine, and sweat to get it just right. Its minimalist design houses our patented and revolutionary pressing technology, along with powerful steaming and stretching features.

SEC Statcat

This project is definitely one of the most fun projects we have had to date.  Any fan can go to this site and get a detailed analysis of their favorite football team in the SEC.  This site is updated weekly with statistics and scores.

Clean Cut Meal Prep

This project included building out custom backend modules to handle specific scheduling parameters.  This site allows users to order meal prep kits straight to their door.

Cnnected Studios

Partnering up with these guys from C Studios was a blast.  They perform the industry standard in online marketing. We were happy to give them a custom look for their new agency site.

smith co.

Working with the talented architects of smithco was a pleasure. They design retail spaces for companies all around the US.  We worked with them to give them a clean simple site that would make their projects stand out.

The Local Taco

This was an awesome project in which we helped a brand come back to the market in a fresh way.  We partnered with the Local Taco team and created new brandng dacks and social media plans as well as this stunning site.

White Barn Events

White Barn Events is a special, beautiful place to have events and retreats.  Ran by an awesome couple who are in the Lexington KY area, they love to give a special place to people on their special day.

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