ATL LLC is a small, but incredibly creative digital design, development, and marketing team located in Versailles Kentucky. Over the last ten years our team members have partnered with celebrities, actors, musicians, corporations, speakers, and more to deliver their message to their audience and build robust web applications. Whether it’s through a website, mobile app, video, or other marketing / content delivery endeavor we pride ourselves on simple, personal service without the red-tape of a larger firm.

What Makes Us Different

We love to create beautiful, inviting websites, but we also realize that occassionally, the prettiest site isn’t always the most effective. Our goal is to provide a balance between the functionality and the form of your website.

To ensure this, we have a few guidelines we follow for each project that we get the honor of seeing through:

1. What is the main goal of this site? How can we make this goal stand out?

2. What messages and calls to action would we like for a user to get from this site? How can we ensure that the site is inviting to all users?

3. What theme/colors go well with the flow and function of this site? How will we incorporate these things while making sure the site is still taken seriously as a business platform?

Although each of these standards is held to a very high standard, they don’t stop here. We know that each client has specific and important vision for their website. This is why we will always make it our goal to listen first, then act.

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